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The project

The idea came from the passion that three friends have for music. Cristina, Yuri and Giuliano decided that they wanted to develop a project to promote the best of Brazilian independent music. And after conversations, meetings, references and, of course, after listening to a lot of music, they arrived in a first format, “At the Studio with…”.

The pilot episode was recorded at the IAV studio in São Paulo, with the band Tuwa, an instrumental music quartet that met at the school of music of Unicamp.


And so, the project was born!


After a few months, with this material in hand being edited and finalized, Cris and Yuri had their first contact with the Belvedere Mansion. They went to pay a visit to the Mansion to discuss a possible partnership in other projects. As soon as they entered the place, they realized its potential. They met the owner / curator of the Mansion, Paulo Goya, and offered to do the cinematography of some concerts. They soon brought in Giuliano and Ao Vivo no Casarão was born.


The original goal was to get to know and promote independent Brazilian musicians and bands of all genres. After Cristina and Yuri moved to Switzerland, the project's scope grew to include independent artists from all over the world. In addition to the songs, the interviews reveal a little more about these artists.

From classical to pop. From the violoncello to contemporary rock and roll. From Brazilian Popular Music to trash metal. If you haven't heard it yet, watch it!

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